India to ban cashew-based snacks after court ruling

India will ban the sale of cashew, nut and other coconut-based products following a ruling by a high court, the country’s food and consumer watchdog said on Monday.

The government is set to ban the nuts and other products, such as margarine and cheese, it said, citing a ruling from the court in the capital New Delhi.

The ban was put in place after a high-profile trial last month in which a court ruled that the nut products were not food.

The court said the products contained “unhealthy” ingredients and the government must take appropriate action.

“The government will be directed to ban these products in a phased manner over time,” a government official told Reuters news agency.

The Indian government said it will consider banning the products in phases.

Cannabis is not included in the ban, the official said.

In January, India’s top court upheld a previous ruling by the court that found that a product was not food if it contained “harmful and potentially addictive” ingredients.

“We are now taking the necessary steps to regulate these products,” the official added.

In March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale and consumption of the nuts, margarine, and other dairy products and sugar substitutes after a court ordered it to ban such products in July 2016.

The case was the latest in a string of high-court decisions in India to strike down regulations on the sale, use and distribution of foods.

In December, the high court upheld an earlier ruling by an independent regulator, the All India Council for Research on Cancer (AICRC), that the sale or sale of cannabis products did not meet standards of health.

Cases against tobacco and alcohol have also been settled.