How to make cashew nuts: An easy and healthy recipe

A new family-owned store and bakery in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Cashew & Sons has a speciality of making cashew-nut cakes and cookies.

But this week it has launched a range of cashew treats, including cashew peanut butter chips and cashew chocolate chip cookies.

The bakery, located in the Sydney CBD’s Queen Street, opened last week, with an opening menu that features a cashew butter and nut-nut pie, a cashews chocolate chip cookie and a caschetta cake.

“We have so many people that come in here and ask us for cashew food, and it’s not just a casse nut, it’s a lot of things that you can make,” said owner Michael Cashew.

“There are so many things you can do with cashews.”

The cafe is now open from 9am to 5pm weekdays and 11am to 7pm weekends.

“People come in and ask me, ‘can I make this with cashew, cashew or cashew?’

We have people who have been eating cashew for years and years and never have any issues,” Mr Cashew said.

“And people ask for cashews and they just say, ‘I don’t have any.'”

Cashew nut butter chips Mr Cashews said he had been making cashews for 20 years and had always used cashews that were not fully ripe.

“When you buy cashews you’re really buying the whole plant.

So you can’t use any of the buds,” he said.

He said cashews are a great source of protein, fat and vitamins.

“I make cashews every day, so it’s pretty much my everyday, just making them and baking them,” he explained.

The store’s cashew cakes include cashew peppermint, cashews cashew chips and cream cheese.

The shop’s cashews peanut butter cookies are sweet and crunchy and the cashews nut butter cookies have a nutty crunch.

“The cashews have a lot to do with them, they’re super nutritious,” Mr Marques said.

Mr Marque said cashewnuts are also a good source of vitamin A and B12.

“You can’t really get any better than cashews,” he added.

A new Australian family business, Cashews has recently opened in Sydney’s outer west and is offering cashew desserts and other snacks to the public.

The family business has been offering vegan food since 2016, selling vegan-friendly items at local stores.

“It’s great to be able to offer these products to our community and we’re really excited about that,” Mr Morriss said.

It has also opened a bakery in Melbourne, and is now selling its own vegan food and drinks in Sydney.

The Cashews bakery sells its cashews at its Queen Street location.

“They’re great to use as a dip for chips or a sauce for pizza,” Mr Burrows said.

The café’s casse nuts are a good food source of vitamins, Mr Caschews cashews can be used for baking, making and flavouring.

“One of the things that we like to do is to use cashews as a marinade for many different things,” he told ABC News.

“Sometimes we use it for cooking like chips and sometimes for salads, so we’ll do that a few times a week and then you can put it on pizza.”

Mr Caswell said the family had been using cashews to flavour their cakes for years.

“Our first year we used cashew and it really did work really well,” he recalled.

“So we’ve used cashems for a lot more than just chips.”