How to avoid getting a cashew allergy from your baby

A cashew recipe that is popular in the United Kingdom may be linked to the outbreak of an unusual new allergy.

The New York Times has reported that the baby-eating craze has sparked an unusually high number of reactions among some parents who have become so fixated on the snack that they are allergic to cashews.

The New York-based Times notes that a growing number of New York moms who have been exposed to the peanut-containing cashew nuts over the past few months have developed symptoms including asthma and allergic contact dermatitis.

In response to the news, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (CDC) has issued a recall of the products sold at a number of grocery stores in the New York area.

The paper reports that the products included:• The Cashew Nut, which was marketed as “a natural, healthy snack that is perfect for your baby’s first bite”• The Cinnamon Cashew, which has been marketed as a “healthy, crunchy, nut-packed snack”• and the Cinnamon Cashews with the almond and cinnamon flavor.

The National Center reports that some of the items in the recalls are currently being distributed to consumers through local retailers.

While the New Yorkers who have had a reaction are generally relatively healthy and do not have an allergy to cashew, they are now at risk of developing the very rare allergy.

The Times reports that in New York City, the New England region and the Midwest, about 2,400 cases of the rare allergy have been reported, but the actual number is likely much higher.

According to the Times, the FDA has notified retailers to stop distributing the product and is urging consumers to return it.

The FDA has also issued a warning to retailers to “prevent the spread of the allergy through normal use of the product, and to ensure that the product does not contain any nuts or other ingredients that could increase the risk of an allergic reaction to casewear.”

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has also been notified and urged parents to return the items they have received.

The academy is calling on the FDA to issue a voluntary recall of all cashew-containing products in the U.S. as well.