Cashew nut industry: ‘This is the biggest nut market’

New Jersey officials have launched an investigation into whether an importer of cashew-based nut nuts sold to the U.S. could have violated the state’s seal of approval laws, the Associated Press reports.

The investigation is part of a wider probe into the sale of cashews, which are used as a source of nut oil, to the United States, AP reported.

Last month, the state of New Jersey’s Agriculture Department approved the sale to the country of roughly 1.2 million pounds of casnuts, according to an AP report.

But in a letter to the state, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said it was “aware of an allegation of potential violations of state seal of approved products in the sale and processing of Cashew Nut importers.”

It also said the state was conducting a “market-based investigation” into the matter.

The agency did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

The New Jersey attorney general’s office and the U