How to make cashew nuts and cashew soup with cashew powder in a blender

Cashew nuts are a delicacy in Malaysia, so it is no surprise that the country’s national dish is packed with them.

They can be made into a simple and delicious cashew noodle soup, or used as a topping for many dishes, like curries, dumplings, and more.

One of my favorite ways to eat cashew noodles is with this simple cashew kollams recipe.

This cashew coconut noodle can be prepared in just minutes and is an ideal accompaniment to rice, noodles, or other simple dishes.

This Cashew Coconut Noodle Soup recipe comes together in under 20 minutes, and the taste is perfect for lunch or dinner.

It is also easy to prepare and is perfect to serve with a salad or as a snack.


Cashew Noodle soup recipe Ingredients 1 cup cashews (about 1 1/2 cups)