Why Cashew nuts are the perfect snack for all ages

I have always loved eating cashew nuts.

They are so good, they make me feel like I’m on vacation in New Zealand.

I am always on the hunt for the best nuts, and this one is just as good as any.

Cashew nut is an easy snack, with the right consistency, so that the nuts taste good all at once.

Cashews are the new go-to in the diet.

Caseworked for heart health and digestive health, cashew is one of the most well-studied nuts in the world.

Cashems high in omega-3 fatty acids, are also a great source of vitamin A. And if you don’t eat nuts, you can get a great bang for your buck.

The best thing about eating cashews is that you can snack on them at any time of day, anytime you want.

It is one way to stay energized.

Cashels taste like they are freshly squeezed and packed with fiber, which makes them perfect for a smoothie.

You can also make your own cashew-flavored granola bars.

There are lots of ways to make cashew granola.

Some are easy to make and easy to store.

Others require a bit more work and require a lot more time.

I always have a jar of coconut cream on hand.

When I need a treat for the kids, I can whip up a batch of cashew crunch or cashew chia pudding.

And you can make your favorite vegan chocolate chip cookies in your kitchen.

When you’re ready to go back to eating cashems, I recommend eating them fresh every day.