The Best Palasa Cashew Nuts, Pad Cashew Nut Dip Recipe from The Vibe: The Vampiour Season 2 #6!

We have another fantastic episode of The Vibes podcast with the Vibe cast, this time we have a special guest!

In this episode, our friend Matt is joined by friend and fellow podcaster Lauren who has some of her own fantastic recipes to share.

Lauren is also joined by Matt’s mom, Amanda who is also a fabulous chef and a great host, and our friend, Lauren’s brother, Jason.

Together, they share recipes for Palasa, Pad, and Cashew nuts from the show’s first season, The Vibrant Season 1.

They share their own personal palasa dipping recipes, as well as some amazing tips and tricks for using all of these nuts to make a delicious and unique palasa dip.

Plus, the guys give us their thoughts on the Palasa Season 2 episode, The Big Chill.

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