How to eat cashew nuts for an extra kick

Cashew nuts are one of the healthiest foods you can eat and they are a staple of the Australian diet.

But, for some, they are one that is a bit more difficult to find in stores.

“It’s a bit like a fruit salad or a dessert, you’re looking for the little bits of cashew,” one Redditor told The Huffington Mail.

A number of commenters also noted the high fat content of the nuts, which they said were more “fat than butter”, with some describing the product as “fattening” and “dangerous”.

Some users, including one Redditing user who was keen to be anonymous, also suggested the food should be avoided because it contains fats that are “bad for you”.

“It should not be eaten if you have a heart condition,” he said.

“It is bad for your heart and you should avoid it at all costs.

You don’t want it in your body.”

Another user described the product on the store as “the fat bomb of nutella”.

“I think it’s disgusting that a nutella product is made from a nut,” he wrote.

“I’m a fan of it but its just not a good product.”

The product also has a “high fat content” and it has been linked to heart disease and stroke, among other health problems.

“The healthiest thing you can do with it is to buy it and eat it, if you can,” Redditor Mike said.”[It is] just a bit of a disappointment when you think about it.”

Cashews are so nutritious and it’s only around 4 calories per serving, so I would eat more.

“He added that people should not just go for the nuts because of their health benefits.”

You should make sure you’re eating them for their health benefit and not just because of its delicious taste,” he told HuffPost Australia.”

This is a really dangerous product.