What you need to know about cashew peanuts and their health benefits

A family of four who is trying to lose weight through eating healthier and more nut-rich foods has found the answer to their health issues.

They are Cashew Nut Dealers in Melbourne’s south-west.

The family of five say they are struggling to keep up with their weight gain and the loss of appetite they feel after a lifetime of indulging in junk food and sugar.

“It was so difficult for us to get back on track because we’re very healthy and we are very happy with our lifestyle and our health and so I’m struggling with the weight that we have lost,” said Sam.

“We had no idea we were overweight.”

In 2014, Sam and her husband Dave were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and had their insulin injections taken every four weeks.

The couple say their diabetes started out in a healthy, healthy way and has now progressed to a serious and chronic condition that has left them in a constant state of illness.

“We had our insulin injections every four to six weeks and that was it for the first two years,” she said.

The family is now relying on cashewnuts for their weight loss.””

It was a struggle to keep on the straight and narrow.”

The family is now relying on cashewnuts for their weight loss.

“The cashewnut is the miracle nut that we all have to be on,” said Dave.

“I think it’s the most nutritious nut, it’s a little bit like the almonds that we get at the supermarket, it is super high in protein and good for the body.”

The Cashewnut Dealers store sells a variety of nuts and nuts oils to help them meet their weight goals.

“They’re nut-based.””

If you’re in a situation where you are losing weight you should definitely try to go nuts and we think that’s why we’re here,” said Samantha.

“They’re nut-based.”

They are also providing free health check-ups to all customers.