How to make cashew nut oil, cashew butter and cashew cream, in 4 easy steps

In the last few weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to make Cashew Nut Oil, Cashew Butter and Cashew Cream.

Here’s the short version:  How do I make cashews?

 Cashews are basically a hardy tree.

They’re grown in the tropics and can live for up to 2 years, depending on their age and the temperature of the growing season. 

How does cashew oil come into your diet?

Cashews can be cooked in a few ways.

You can add them to your meals, but cashews are more nutritious if you cook them at high temperatures, in a slow cooker or at room temperature. 

What is cashew fat?


You’re probably familiar with cashews as their fat.

They are also sometimes known as coconut oil, or cashews fat.

What is cashews butter?

You’ll find cashews oil and cashews cream in the same categories. 

Cashew butter is usually made by soaking cashews in warm water for several hours. 

When is cashems oil supposed to be eaten?

For many people, it is best to eat cashews immediately after they’ve been soaked.

The fat will release water and make it easier to digest.

The water will also help you digest some of the nutrients in the cashew.

But, be sure to keep your stomach full before eating cashews. 

Is it OK to eat the cashews if you’re diabetic?


You should consume your cashew as soon as possible after soaking them.

This is because the fat in the soaked cashews has been converted to triglycerides, which are the fats that can be stored in your blood. 

If you have a high blood sugar, you should also eat your cashews to avoid insulin spikes. 

Are you vegan?

Vegan dieters are recommended to eat at least 80% of their calories from fats.

The other 20% is from protein. 

Can I cook cashew or coconut oil?

It’s really up to you.

The easiest way to cook cashews is in a cast iron or steel pan.

The cast iron pans can be found in health food stores and convenience stores.

In general, cashews can’t be fried, so you’ll need to boil them first.

I’ve tried cooking cashews and coconut oil in an electric skillet and it wasn’t working well.

I’ve tried soaking them in water and it seemed to work well, but I haven’t found a good way to do it with an electric pan. 

 Are cashews or coconut oils safe?

Not necessarily.

Some studies have shown that the fat and proteins in cashews may contain high levels of mercury. 

Do I have to buy cashews directly from the farmer?


If you buy your cashets from a farmer, you may be able to buy them from a local farmer’s market.

But it’s not always easy.

If you’re buying from a grocery store, you’ll usually get the cashem or cashew, which is called cashew milk.

What’s the difference between cashew and coconut?

The main difference between the two is the fats and protein.

While cashew is made from nuts, coconut is made by separating cashews from the hulls of the coconut tree.

This can be difficult, but it’s the best way to get the best results. 

Does the name cashew mean the tree of the same name?

While the name is similar, it’s actually the plant that gives rise to the plant itself, the casu, not the tree itself.

The name “Casa” is from the Spanish word “casa” which means “tree.”

The word “Cascara” is a Spanish word meaning “wood.”