This ‘Cashew Nut’ Is A Hot Topic With Fans, But It’s Not Your Mother’s

We’re a lot like the people who make fun of the New England Patriots for having a super bowl championship.

The Patriots have won two Super Bowls, they’re going to play in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2019, and they’re in a league of their own.

So we make fun out of them every now and then.

But we’re not making fun of New England, or anyone else for that matter.

We’re making fun out for their culture.

That’s what we’re supposed to do.

If you’re from New England and you have a Super Bowl ring, you’re supposed not to take that ring, because you’re just a pretentious, smug, arrogant prick who is just jealous of the Super Bowl championship.

We’ve had a bunch of people say that to us and to our children, and it’s a real problem.

We have to make sure that we make a lot of fun of this.

We don’t have to take this seriously.

But that’s what you’re gonna have to do if you want to make a career out of being a pretensee.

Because this is our culture, and this is how we make money.

We get paid to take pictures of it, and we get paid for it to be on our Instagram and Snapchat.

We do that because it’s how we survive.

We all need to make this into our daily lives.

We are a community that loves to take photos of its own culture.

We need to put up our own, too.

The people who are making fun with us have no idea what we do.

They’re not really in it for the money.

I think it’s more like, we like to be the center of attention and we want to be known as the people that are making a big deal out of something that’s really not important.

We want to look like we’re part of something big.

And that’s why we’re making this a real issue, because we don’t really understand what it is that we do, and why we do it.

We just want to have fun.

But then there’s also this other side of it that makes us mad.

We know what we want, but we don the right people to tell us what we should be doing.

We like to say that we’re just like any other fan.

We think that we know what the right things to do are, and then we want others to tell them.

That is the reason why we’ve become a target for so much trolling.

The most famous thing about us is that it’s fake.

And when we go out and say that something is fake, we can’t tell if it’s real or not.

We can only tell if the people behind it are doing it because we’re like, “Hey, this is fake.”

And that gets us so mad.

But the more that we start saying, “Oh, you can do this, you should do that, this might be good,” the more we end up making fun.

And then people start saying to us, “Yeah, I want to see you do this,” or, “I want to hear you talk about this,” because we know that we can tell that it is authentic.

And we know we can be fake.

We also know that if we try to do something that is fake then we’re going home.

We should just go home.

Because the most important thing is to just have fun and enjoy ourselves.

That was my message to you today, too: It’s not about the money, it’s about the community.

And if you really want to support the culture that you’re in, then you need to start saying the right thing.

We support the community by making fun and doing our job.

We put our own spin on it.

So I know you’re going, “You don’t understand what I do?”

I don’t care.

I want you to do your job and you’re not supposed to be embarrassed.

And I want that to happen, too, because I love my community.

It’s what makes me proud to be a Patriots fan.

So please, I’m begging you, get out there and support this great sport.

We’ll support you, too!