How much do you spend on food and drink?

The cost of a standard meal at a Canadian restaurant is about $7.15.

But the typical Canadian eats at about $13.50 and drinks about $9.50, according to data released by Statistics Canada.

The average Canadian spends about $3.00 on food, $1.80 on drinks, and $1 on entertainment, while the average Canadian drinks about 10.5 litres of water, according a study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

But the numbers don’t reflect all Canadians.

Statistics Canada reported that Canadians spend more than twice as much on beverages than food.

Statistics Canadian’s Food Price Index was released on Wednesday.

Its data shows that Canadians drink more than $1,500 per person per year, and consume about 4,000 litres of alcohol per person.

Statistics Can show that Americans spend about $2,000 per person on food.

That’s a lot of drinks, but less than many of the drinks consumed by Canadians.

Statistics Canada has also published data on the number of people in Canada who say they drink or smoke regularly.

Canadians are more likely to be regular drinkers than non-smokers, and they’re more likely than people in other developed countries to say they use tobacco products.

Statistics can show that the United States and Canada are the only countries in the world where the number and types of cigarettes smoked per person are linked to consumption.

A recent study by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University in London found that more than half of Canadian smokers aged 15 to 49 have tried a cigarette.

About 20 per cent of smokers in Canada smoke less than once a month, compared to less than 20 per percent in the United Kingdom.